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Surgery and Back

2018 was a rough year for me personally, as a rider, and for BikeStuntShow. On April 28, while getting a ride in with a friend at the National Whitewater Training Center outside of Charlotte, I injured my ankle. It was freak accident fall, somehow my bike managed to bounce and hit my Achilles tendon, like a hammer, right as it was at full tension from landing. It resulted in a 100% rupture and I had surgery on May 16. My surgeon says that an achilles rupture has one of the longest recovery times of any sports injury.

BikeStuntShow isn't just a passion of mine, it's also 100% of my livelihood. It took years of incredibly hard work to build the business, but since 2014 this is how I have supported my family. The injury couldn't of hit at a worse time, after the end of winter slow season and right before a big month of events. This year God has again and again showed us his provision, and our church family was an incredible and tangible example of his love in the weeks following my surgery.

I'm incredibly thankful for the riders who were able to cover my events. Mike and Robbie, you guys are first class!

Finally, I am back and training on my bike! It's great to get out and ride again, even if it will take a bit to dust off the cobwebs. Currently I'm marketing hard and looking to fill the 2019 calendar! It's already shaping up to be a busy year.

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