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BikeStuntShow is a high energy action sports show featuring a type of mountain bike called "trials" and is perfect for fairs, festivals, cycling events, youth events, and more!  There are few types of action sports that can truly be transported to any field, parking lot, or gymnasium across the country, however the nature of mountain bike trials allows us to just that.  Our mountain bike action show features a type of riding called "trials" and could best be described as bicycle gymnastics or parkour, and shows unbelievable skill and balance on a bicycle.


"Craig is brilliant on the bike.  His  performance is extremely tasteful with strong family values.  This show will keep you on the edge of your seat with excitement it is so amazing." - Hillsborough County Fair, New Hampshire

Our performance incorporates audience participation and breathtaking crowd favorites such as: huge jumps and balance, maneuvering over volunteers, "losing" the front wheel and riding the course without it, and riding straight off the roof of our trailer, a larger than 8' drop!  We are always family friendly and talk to the audience after each show.

Whether you're planning a fair, festival, school assembly, or corporate event, we can tailor the show to meet your needs. Big or small you can redefine your event with BikeStuntShow!  We can perform on grass, gravel, or pavement and only require 110v power.

Doing huge stunts at a fair

High Energy, Action Packed Entertainment

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