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At BikeStuntShow we are passionate about using our program to encourage, equip, and inspire today's youth.  The program will not only be one of the most exciting assembly programs you may use, but also provides memorable and educational support to your existing curriculum.

Craig is not only a professional mountain bike stunt rider, but also an experienced public speaker.

We are easy to work with, insured, and 100% incident free.

Rated 5 of 5 by all our clients!

School Assembly Programs

Bullying Education Assembly

Amazing School Assemly bike show setup

The Cwtrials BikeStuntShow Bullying Prevention School Assembly uses a high energy mountain bike stunt show as a communication platform to talk to your students about bullying.  Our presentation uses stories from my own life as a both a student who bullied and a student who was bullied to create a personal connection to the students.  We adhere to the definitions, statistics, and prevention strategies from is an incredible resource we encourage your administration to use in the creation and support of your school / district’s anti-bullying policies. 

This program is 45 minutes long is most appropriate for elementary and middle schools students.

Achieving Big Scary Goals

This motivational program encourages students that they can indeed achieve great things in life, while taking on the reality of fears and failures.  It teaches students how to develop goals that matter, by creating goals based on their personal values and virtues instead of just wants and feelings.  The program gives them three concrete steps to achieving big goals to apply in their own lives.

The major points are

  • You need to break big goals into little goals

  • To achieve big goals you need to be a lifelong learner
  • The importance of finding supportive friends and mentors.

For High School aged students I also touch on how fears, failures, and adversity are expected.  What do you do with them? Achieving big goals isn't easy.

This program is 45 minutes long is most appropriate for elementary to high schools students.

"Craig Wright had a wonderful message for our students about goals. He adjusted his presentation perfectly for the two age groups. He is very talented. The teachers and the students enjoyed. We look forward to having him return sometime in the future!"
Mrs. Mchugh, OLPHS, Ellicott City, MD

5 out of 5, "The kids enjoyed it!" 
Mr. Fiorvante, Holbrook NY

Huge stunts in front of amazed students

Craig and his Bike Stunt Show were amazing! Students loved seeing him perform all of his engaging tricks while sharing important messages around setting goals and always learning. 

On a personal level, Craig was friendly and flexible. He was easy to talk to and just seemed like an all around great person. The whole experience was wonderful!!

- Nicole, Joppa View Elementary School

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