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BikeStuntShow Launches Bullying Education Campaign

Here at BikeStuntShow we believe our business is not an excuse to ride a bike for a living, but rather a platform for positively impacting future generations. We are excited to announce the launch of our Bullying Education Campaign, a school assembly program for elementary and middle school students. The program uses stories from Craig's childhood, both as a student who bullied and a student who was bullied, to create a personal connection with students. We use definitions, facts, and recommended action from to educate students about bullying and what they can do to prevent it.

For spring of 2017 we are available in North and South Carolina, Virginia, and eastern Tennessee in April and the first half of May. We are available in the New England States as well as New Jersey and New York in the second half of May to the end of the school year. We are open to other locations, as well as booking assemblies for next school year as well.

For more information contact:

Craig Wright | | (603) 440-5971

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