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Our Platform

BikeStuntShow is one of the top mountain bike stunt shows in the country.  We perform at fairs, festivals, cycling events, and community events across the country.
Wagner Subaru Midwest Outdoor Experience 2016

Totaling 130 Shows

45 Days of Shows ALREADY booked

We will put quite a few more on the calendar

With a Conservative Audience Estimate of 30,000 Minimum

How Can our Platform Leverage Significant Marketing Value For WD-40?

This year we will perform at a number of agricultural fairs down the east coast.  The audience at these fairs is broad in age, but often includes a number of people who are involved in farming or motorsports.  WD40 isn't new, but they need brand enforcement.
Our agricultural fairs include a surprisingly diverse audience down the east coast from Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod to Rural NC
This Year's Larger Events Include:
  • Washington County Fair, NY
  • Barnstable  County Fair, MA
  • Martha's Vineyard Fair, MA
  • Lebanon County Fair, CT
  • Chowan County Fair, NC
  • Lee Regional Fair, NC
  • Cumbarland County Fair, NC
Agricultural Fairs - Get WD40 to the Masses
Giveaway Used to Create Social Media Follows
Autograph Cards
After each show I talk to the kids and sign autographs.  What better way to enforce brand recognition than to send it home one something people will look at?

High Visibility

Put the Logo All Over the Everything

Banner It.
Large Banners on Platforms
Teardrop Banners on Trailer

Potential Wrap on Trailer

*Requires Craig to Buy A New Insurance Policy
Website Logo?  Check
Facebook?  Thumbs Up
Social Media Props? 100%
Hashtaggs?  All of Them
Snapchat? NO. Never.

What Do You Think?

IF you made it to the end of this and think I might have a valid reason for discussion, I'd love to talk.  We would love to Promote WD-40 and believe have a great platform.  

Thanks for reading, I look forward to talking with you.

Marketing Strategy for WD-40

How BikeStuntshow Can Provide Significant Marketing Advantage with A Large Audience for WD40
WD-40Bike has a number of exciting products for cycling enthusiasts! What better way to promote the product line than through a professional bicycle stunt show?
A Perfect Platform for WD-40Bike
During each show viewers are told a number of people will win WD40 product packages each month!

To enter they have to go to, where they need to like the WD40 Facebook Page (As well as BikeStuntShow's) and enter their email.
  • Social Media Follows
  • Email Leads
Our 18' trailer and demo set provide a LITERALLY huge and highly visible canvas for WD40 Branding
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