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What this is NOT

In the time of millennials and participation trophy's I am sure you are bombarded by sponsorship requests.  This is NOT that.

What this IS

This is a detailed, multi-faceted marketing strategy on how my brand, Cwtrials BikeStuntShow can promote Specialized Bikes by: 

Increased Brand Recognition to a Significant Population
Create Connections with Local Dealers
Generate legitimate email lists and social media follows
Put your Logo Here!

Our Platform

Bike Trials shows are unique to mountain biking in that a high quality exhibition can easily be transported and set up anywhere.
Trials is a Great Exhibition of MTB Skill
Sugarloaf Mountain Bike Festival 2016
Our Show Promotes Cycling of All Forms
Our goal is to get people excited about riding bikes, any type of bike.  By doing the impossible, we inspire people to have fun on two wheels
Wagner Subaru Midwest Outdoor Experience 2016

Totaling 130 Shows

45 Days of Shows ALREADY booked

We will put quite a few more on the calendar

With a Conservative Audience Estimate of 30,000 Minimum

How Can our Platform Leverage Significant Marketing Value For Specialized?

  • Social Media Follows For Specialized
  • Email Leads For Specialized
  • Email Leads for Local Specialized Dealer
During each show viewers are told at the end of the season one lucky person will win a Specialized Bike!  This is either a Hardrock or Myka in appropriate size for adults, or kids bike.

To enter they have to go to, where they need to like the Specialized Facebook Page (As well as BikeStuntShow's) and enter their email.  Email addresses are provided to both specialized and the local dealer, for a follow-up promo.

Contest rules state they must STILL be a follower of the Specialized Facebook Page at contest end to be a winner.
The Bike Giveaway!
Local Specialized Dealer Promo
With shows booked along the east coast, we can promote not just Specialized in a large generic sense, but the local Specialized Dealer.  This encourages actual sales.
Beyond verbal promotion and emails obtained through the bike giveaway, we can have coupons or flyers on site.
Will get a Specialized for Christmas
Autograph Cards
After each show I talk to the kids and sign autographs.  What better way to enforce brand recognition than to send it home one something people will look at?
This kid's family recognizes Specialized as a quality company, not t T*** or Sc*****
THIS guy's dad used to ride a late 80's Specialized Hardrock and took him riding on the local trails when he was just a tyke.  25 years later they will be the first major MTB brand he approaches with his bike show
Now We Get to the Basic Stuff

Put the Specialized Logo All Over the Everything

Banner It.
Large Banners on Platforms
Teardrop Banners on Trailer

Potential Wrap on Trailer

*Requires Craig to Buy A New Insurance Policy
Website Logo?  Check
Facebook?  Thumbs Up
Social Media Props? 100%
Hashtaggs?  All of Them
Snapchat? NO. Never.

"Sponsor" of the
Dirt Rag Dirt Fest PA 2017

Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest thinks a mtb trials show would be incredible, but they can't afford to bring us in.  So they are willing to offer my sponsor's promo at the festival as a thank you for helping me get there.

Bring on BikeStuntShow and we'll bring the BikeStuntshow by Specialized Bikes to the Dirt Rag Dirt Fest as part of the package.

It's like icing on a cake, but it's a mountain bike festival promoted by a print and online magazine on mtb lifestyle and products.

P.S. We're also doing a "Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day" in New Hampshire with Seacoast Velo Kids, a non-profit with the goal of teaching the love of cycling and the outdoors to kids in the seacoast of Maine and New Hampshire.

What Do You Think?

Nate. IF you made it to the end of this and think I might have a valid reason for discussion, I'd love to talk.  How much I'm asking, and all the details are flexible to suit the needs of both Specialized and myself.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to talking with you.
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