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New Trailer for BikeStuntShow!

A few months ago we invested in a new trailer for Cwtrials BikeStuntshow! It's bigger and badder than our old trailer, giving us much more room for cargo. More importantly for our clients, it's extremely sharp looking and helps make BikeStuntShow make your event look even better!

We had it custom made from OneStopTrailerShop in Barrington, NH and are super thankful for Zac for helping us put it together. An 18' v-nose at 8.5' wide, it's got a blackout kit to help it look sharp, along with a walk-on roof and built in stabalizers so Craig can ride his bike on or OFF the roof! The new trailer is six inches higher than the old one, so Craig's big drop off the trailer roof is now OVER EIGHT FEET HIGH! Other neat features include a 6' double side door to help us load in and out, and an extended tongue that makes it easier to tow and manuever behind our Motorhome.

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