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Welcome to the Fair Director's Page

Below is a video of one of our 2016 performances.  Personally I believe it was one of our WORST of the year.  So why am I showing it to you?  Well for two reasons.  First, I still believe our worst performance was good, and if you can hire us on this, you most certainly will not be disappointed.  Second, it also happens to be the only one I filmed in 2016.

A couple notes.  This show is a bit shorter in length than our average fair show, which is what this organizer was looking for.

So why was this a difficult show?

  • I was asked to move my entire set after setting it up entirely once.  It took a toll.  Don't do that to people.

  • Gear troubles.  Normally at least one of my bikes is behaving.  On this day I broken one bike, and the brakes on the other were unreliable, so I wasn't able to do some of our really big moves.  Such as riding off the roof of the trailer.  Also, my sound system had some issues which have been repaired.

  • New trailer.  The new trailer is awesome, but this was my first day using it.  After this show I made a few changes and I can get on top of it very easy now.  Also, I normally ride off the roof of the trailer straight to the ground, a 8'2" drop!

  • Small, difficult audiences.  Alas, this sometimes happens.  But we're professional and keep on moving forward.

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